Custom Mat Switches

Widely utilized for eliminating and preventing hazards in advance such as creating safety zone around a industrial robots or NC tooling machine including automatic door control and security guarding.


  • ◆ Available in required size as adjusting to size of hazardous area
  • ◆ Available upon request for changing shape, color, size, joint type, or length of cable etc.


Machine operation control, Crime prevention, Automatic door, etc.


How to order

Please specify ①~③

  • ◆In case of using custom mat switch, use of combination with fail-safe controller is recommended
  • ◆Short delivery time is available
  • ◆Standard setting: 1.5M cable will be pulled out from the top right corner

Size (Shape) / Lead wire outlet & classification. (Red, Green, White, Black)

Custom/Multi-zone Mat Switches

◆The combination with different colors, altered or hollowed-out shape, and jointed of mat switches are available (Option)


Electrical Rating AC/DC28V-1A
Withstand Voltage 500VAC for 1min
Contact life 1,000,000 times activation or more (Tested with relay 24V-0.3A Load)
Insulation resistance 100MΩor more (500VDCMegger)
Contact resistance 0.05~1.6Ω or less (If under operating force or more)
Operating temperature range -10℃~+60℃
Withstand load 1960N (Under φ100 pressing plate for 1 min)
Ingress protection Drip proof (IP54 equivalent)
Operating force 50N approx. (under φ90 pressing plate)
Circuitry 1a


【Fail-safe controller】

  • SC-2(AC only)
  • ●4 wire type circuit control unit (Cable disconnection or short circuit detector)
  • ●Improve plant safety

【Fail-safe controller】

  • PRSU-4
  • ●4 wire type circuit control unit (Cable disconnection or short circuit detector)
  • ●Standards certified product
  • ●CE Marking product
  • ●Safety Grade: Type 3
  • ●High accuracy safety double coil installed

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