Under-Rug Switching Runner

Effective in crime prevention and detection by laying under carpet or mat as secret switch.


  • ■CVP Series
  • ●Electrical Rating 28VAC/VDC-1A
  • ●4.4mm thin mat switch excels in durability / Drip proof
  • ●Use direct, or with laying under mat or carpet
  • ■PE Series (Indoor use only)
  • ●Electrical Rating 28VAC/VDC-1A
  • ●2.4mm thickness / Non waterproof / Indoor use only
  • ●PE Series can be cut to any length with ordinary scissors makes large area sensor possible
  • ●Connect 2 lead wire by soldering, and use by laying under floorboard or carpet


Crime prevention (under carpet), Welfare (Detection for floor around bed)

CPV Series Switching mat switch (2-wire type)


  • ●UL Standards certified product
  • ●152×585×4.4


  • ●UL Standards certified product
  • ●432×585×4.4


  • ●Easy installation & effective in Pori mania mat sensor
  • ●Excels in durability & softer material made
  • ●585×890×4.4

PE Series Under-Rug Switching Runner (2-wire type)


  • ●2.4mm thickness / This mat switch can be cut
  • ●7500×762×2.4

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