Foot Switch Series

Simple design and customizable Foot Switch matching to various kinds of devices and environment.

Most general Standard Foot Switch.

Die cast aluminum made mini Foot Switch. (Forward fulcrum)

Die cast aluminum made mini Foot Switch. (Backward fulcrum)

Resin made mini Foot Switch.

Multi-functional compact Foot Switch corresponding to era of electronic.

Stainless steel made Foot Switch. (Forward fulcrum)

Sealed construction Water proof Foot Switch

Multi-functional compact push-button.

360 angle operable-thin multi-functional newly soft touch push button.

360 angle operable-thin multi-functional long life soft touch push button.

Built in small 3-direction air controlling valve equivalent to micro switch.

Rain proof Industrial Standard Foot Switch.

Three position enabling switch built in type which is appropriate for risk evasion.

EN Standard conformed-splash proof Industrial Foot Switch.

S4 safety lock lever built in type.

Seesaw pedal type Foot Switch, its action is convertible.

Protection cover for falling objects or malfunction prevention.




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