AC Only Fail safe controller

Input Voltage AC100V、200V
Power consumption 5W
Output contact AC250V-5A、DC30V-5A (1c)
Output contact life 50,000times(AC250V-5A)
Mounting DIN rail type(w/o mounting hole)
Material ABS resin
Weight Approx.274g

By combination of using of 4-wire type mat switch, sensing edge, or tape switch, Fail-safe controller makes safe output possible same as when switch is activated in the event of power supply trouble, short circuit, or power outage

・Either self maintaning circuitry or direct circuitry can be chosen on SC-2.

・In case of direct circuitry(no need a reset operation), requires short circuit of reset terminals 11 and 12 by lead wire.

【Guide to 4 wire type controll circuit】

①Connect the 4 wire Mat Switch for example, then connect a 100/200V supply.

②Keep a low level current flowing at all times, thereby keeping the relay contact built in the SC-2 ON(Between output terminal⑥COM and ⑤→(The light emitting diode glows green)

③Under the weight of an individual, the voltage drops so that the relay contact goes off.(The light emitting diode glows red instead of green)

④In the event of an open circuit or short circuit, the absence of voltage causes the relay contact to go off
(The light emitting diode glows red instead of green)

⑤In the event of power outage or blowout of a fuse, the relay contact goes off.
(The light emitting diode goes off)

※In case of ③, ④, ⑤, the emergency stop circuit operates, so the machine will stop urgently.

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