Electrical Rating AC/DC28V-1A
Withstand Voltage 500VAC for 1min
Contact life 1,000,000 times activation or more (Tested with relay 24V-0.3A Load)
Insulation resistance 100MΩor more (500VDCMegger)
Contact resistance 1.0 Ω or less (If under operating force or more)
Operating temperature range -10℃~+60℃
Withstand load 1470N (Under φ100 pressing plate for 1 min)
Ingress protection Drip proof (IP54 equivalent)
Supplied Cable VFF0.75m㎡X 2-wireX0.5m(Standard)
Operating force 27N approx. (under φ15 pressing plate)
Weight 280g/m
Circuitry 1a
Inactive area Approx 25~30mm on both ends
Color Yellow, Black, or Red
Overtravel Approx 1mm
Material of rubber PVC
Material of clamp POM

Sensing edge serves as an effective means of prevention of getting caught in automated machines, and also be used for emergency stop of medical equipment, collision detection of AGV etc.

Compact pressure sensitive edge

Instantaneous activation type

End caps is none, but clamp is instead which is can be mounted with using M3 flat head screw.
Flat channel and clamp is supplied as standard.

Maximum length of material
Rubber(3000mm)/Aluminum channel (2000mm)
In case of needing longer length , please joint the multiple channels

【Explanation of type】
OT-TS3F-(Y, B, or R) L = ●● (Length of tape switch)
2-wire or 4-wire
Lead wire ● m (Length of lead wire)
※In case of non instruction, 2 wireX500mm will be.

【Optional item】
Fail-safe controller (Only 4-wire type can be used)

Circuit diagram



  • The clamp is used for fixing the channel (Both side)
  • Clamp
  • ●OC-043
  • Applicable Type (OT-TS3F, OC-04)

Applications and Features

Effective for mounting the channel, function as end cap, and product grade up.

  • OC-043 Applicable type (OT-TS3F, OC-04)
  • ●Effective in mounting or as end cap function for OT-TS3 or OT-41BP series
  • ●A single set of clamps contains one each for the lead wire side and terminal side
  • ●Mount by using M4 screw (screw is not supplied )
  • ●Clamp is molded of Duracon resin (White)
  • ●Aluminum channel and clamp are supplied as standard in OT-TS3F series
  • ●Clamp area on both ends are inactive area



【Fail-safe controller】

SC-2(AC only)

  • ●4 wire type circuit control unit (Cable disconnection or short circuit detector)
  • ●Improve plant safety


  • ●4 wire type circuit control unit (Cable disconnection or short circuit detector)
  • ●Standards certified product
  • ●CE Marking product
  • ●Safety Grade: Type 3
  • ●High accuracy safety double coil installed

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