Custom Foot Switches

Small lot & short delivery possible depending on contents.

Special footswitches meet the customer's specification are available in spite of small lot and short delivery upon request, such as extend cable length, change type of cable, additional mounting hole processing,change body color, assemble connector with cable, and etc.,

We have an adequate know-how about Footswitch customization based on experience of business with customer for decades, please don't hesitate to ask for it.

O.E.M Product

Would you like to develop your own original products with us?

We are eager to develop new product, which should be adapted to various applications by utilizing our knowhow which is acquired from long actual record with customer.

In case of the developing products by own your company self, we sometimes hear that some problems occurs such as defective product due to lack of knowhow, and what's more, there should be more problems which your company have such as short-staffed or management of stock, work process, quality, and order. Therefore, we'd like to help your company to develop products based on our experience.

Example of developed custom Footswitch with our customer.
Special material Foot switch
Kick switch
Wide operational space Foot switch
Thin Foot switch
Multiple pedal Foot switch
Built-in-LED Indicator Foot switch
There are a lot of other requests we receive.

Please feel free to consult with it.


All Ojiden foot switches are RoHS compliant.

We are working under KES Environmental Management System Step 2 Registration for RoHS compliant.

We are also working with TUV SUD, and some series of our Foot Switch are TUV approved and CE marking products. Please feel free to ask us in case of importing to Europe region.
What's more, upon request, other special Footswitch is also available such as conforming to IEC60601-1 as medical standards or for each different industry based on our long actual record and know-how.

We are also manufacturer of Tape switch and Mat Switch, which are used for safety measure in factory etc. There is also a product whose specifications will able to be satisfied by using a fail-safe controller (disconnection detector).


In the case of that you need CAD data etc., please make a inquiry by filling details out from the form as below.
The person in charge will respond.

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