CE marking

Action Momentary
Electrical Ratings 0.7A-125V AC
0.7A-30V DC
Built-in switch Enable switch
Circuitry 2a
Supplied Cable S-VCTF0.75X5CX2.5M
Operating Force 1st:No operation
Degree of Protection IP54
Housing material Aluminum die cast
Color Green Hammerton
Weight 3100g
Applicable protection cover SM2C cover
SM2K cover
SM2KS cover
Country of origin Japan

2NY-SM2 series is for danger avoidance 3-position Foot switch based on an ergonomic.
The 3-position switch has two contact points (2a) make double safety measures possible.

Rain proof Industrial Foot Switch which is excellent in credibility and durability with dust proof, drip-proof, and oil-resistant construction.

SPST (Each stage)

With shield cover and safety lid

As option in SM2 series, each protection cover is available to prevent for malfunction.

■Description of protection cover
SM2C:Protection cover
SM2K:Shield cover
SM2KS:Shield cover and safety lid

Metal Forming & Metal Machine tool Bending, Welding, etc.

Ensure that observe each contents of following items for safety.

Use within rated current as displayed.

In order to ensure safety of the control system, connect each pair of the contacts of the 3-position switch to a discrepancy detection circuit such as a safety relay module.

Incorrect wiring and connection, and incomplete condition causes cable disconnection and malfunction.

Do not conduct wiring with supplying power, it causes electric shock or burning out.

Do not convert supplied cable or built in switch etc., it causes breakage of inherent characteristic, such as water resistance.

Install the grounding wire without fail for preventing electrical shock.

Pay attention that any objects will not be get stuck between within range of pedal operating.

In case of mounting on the floor, remove the base and use 3-Φ6.1 hole.

Do not give a strong shock to the Foot switch, dropping or excessive treading operation causes malfunction or shorten life.

Circuit diagram
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