Action Momentary
Electrical Ratings 0.1A-30V DC
Built-in switch MICRO SW V Type(Gold contact)
Circuitry 1a
Supplied Cable VCTF0.75X2CX1.5M
Operating Force 10N
Degree of Protection IP30
Housing material Cover: Ethylene acetate vinyl polymer
Body: Polycarbonate resin
Color Black, Red, Green, Yellow or Blue
Weight 260g
Country of origin Japan
Operating temperature range -5℃ ~ +45℃
Country of Origin Steel base(With rubber anti skid)
Country of Origin Japan

Multi-functional type which can be operated from 360 angle by hand, foot, knee, etc.

※You can choose the color from Black, Red, Green, Yellow, or Blue.
Example: OFL-VG-SP B

【Caution 1】
In case of mounting, use mounting screw hole which is backside of steel plate (3 places, depth8.5mm) and use M4 tapping screw (Tightening torque78.4N)

【Caution 2】
Due to the pedal cover is deformed by heat, don't use, store, or install it for long time in such as a place where direct sunlight or high temperature exist.

Medical equipment, Measuring equipment, Industrial electronic equipment, Sewing machinery, Sound device, Educational equipment, communication device, Photo device, Public welfare device, each automation device, etc.

Circuit diagram

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