Action Momentary
Electrical Ratings 0.1A-30V DC
Built-in switch Micro switch type V (Seal structure)
Circuitry Each side 1c
Supplied Cable VSF0.75X6C23CM
Operating Force 10N
Degree of Protection IP67(Built-in switch)
Housing material ABS Resin
Color Black, Red or Green
Weight 540g
Country of origin Japan

S5 Series is multi-functional compact foot switch responded to electro digitalization needs of diversification era and focus on safety, credibility and economic efficiency.

2-pedal type.

For microloads.

SPDT (Each side)

Seal structure built-in switch type (IP67)/Water proof model.

Cable customization is available upon request such as install shielded cable.

Suitable for forward/reverse rotation control.

Industrial equipment,Transportation vehicle, Medical equipment, Installation equipment, Measuring equipment, Woodworking equipment, Sewing machine, Public welfare device, Other devices.

Circuit diagram

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