Action Momentary
Electrical Ratings 0.3A-110V DC
Built-in switch BESTACT enclosure-contact
Circuitry 2a
Supplied Cable VCTF0.75X4CX3M
Operating Force 13N
Degree of Protection Equivalent to IP28
Housing material ABS Resin
Color Black
Weight 380g
Applicable protection cover OFL-CS
Country of origin Japan

S7 series is sealed structure waterproof footswitch which adopted high reliability-BESTACT enclosure-contact.


Adopted hermetic-sealed contact excels in water resistance, gas resistance, and environmental resistance.

IEC60529: Equivalent to IP28
IEC 60601-1 compliant (Not certified by organization)

Medical equipment, Food machinery, Vessel equipment, Industrial equipment, other etc.

This product has a built-in Bestact sealed contact that reacts with magnetism.

Use non-magnetic material for the mounting screws and protective cover.

Since the contacts of this product are sealed in glass, do not hit them strongly or drop them.

If any shock is given to the product, be sure to inspect the operating characteristics, etc. and confirm that there are no abnormalities before using the product.

In case of using in a DC circuit, connect the attached cord based on indicated by the mark (+-).

Circuit diagram


【Protection cover】

Protection cover for preventing malfunction by falling objects.

  • OFL-CS
  • Material:Stainless steel
  • Weight:1,310g

Applicable series

  • ・OFL
  • ・M4
  • ・S5
  • ・S6
  • ・M6
  • ・S7
  • ・H
  • ・P

Explanation of type

  • Add CS to end of type
  • ※When placing order, instruct the exact type of footswitch using at present due to mounting screw differs according to each type.

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