Action Momentary
Electrical Ratings 0.5A-220VAC
Built-in switch Reed switch type R (Seal structure)
Circuitry 1a
Supplied Cable VCTF0.75X2CX2M
Operating Force 25N
Degree of Protection IP57(Built-in switch)
Housing material Aluminum die cast
Color Blue metallic
Weight 500g
Applicable protection cover OFL-CS
Country of origin Japan

OFL standard type is die cast aluminum made Foot switch, most generally used in a wide area.

Seal structure built-in switch type (IP57)/Water proof model

Industrial equipment ( Metal forming machine etc.), Transportation vehicle (train, bus), Woodworking equipment, Sewing machine,
Installation equipment, Medical equipment, Masuring equipment, Public welfare device, other general equipment, etc.

Circuit diagram


【Protection cover】

Protection cover for preventing malfunction by falling objects.

  • OFL-CS
  • Material:Stainless steel
  • Weight:1,310g

Applicable series

  • ・OFL
  • ・M4
  • ・S5
  • ・S6
  • ・M6
  • ・S7
  • ・H
  • ・P

Explanation of type

  • Add CS to end of type
  • ※When placing order, instruct the exact type of footswitch using at present due to mounting screw differs according to each type.

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