Action Momentary
Electrical Ratings 0.1A-30V DC
Built-in switch Micro switch type V (Seal structure)
Supplied Cable Without (Applicable sheath outer diameter within Φ9)
Operating Force 10N
Degree of Protection IP50(Built-in switch)
Housing material ABS Resin
Color Black
Weight 190g
Applicable protection cover OFL-TC
Country of origin Japan

FS2 series is seesaw pedal type ABS resin made mini type footswitch matching to electronic digitalization era.

DPDT (Each side)

Seal structure built-in switch type (IP50)

Without protection cover

Suitable for long-work and forward/reverse rotation control.

Industrial equipment, Transportation vehicle,
Medical equipment, Installation equipment, Measuring device, Woodworking equipment, other devices, etc.

Circuit diagram


【Protection cover
for Twin pedal type】

Protection cover for preventing malfunction by falling objects.

  • OFL-TC
  • Material:Steel
  • Weight:1,500g

Applicable series

  • ・TV-S3
  • ・TVG-S3
  • ・TVG5-S3
  • ・TV-M3
  • ・TV-M4
  • ・TV-FS2

Explanation of type

  • Add C to end of type
  • ※When placing order, instruct the exact type of footswitch using at present due to mounting screw differs according to each type.

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