Action Momentary
Electrical Ratings 0.1A-30V DC
Built-in switch Micro switch type S (Seal structure)
Circuitry 1a
Supplied Cable VCTF0.75X2CX1.5M
Operating Force 7.5N
Degree of Protection IP50(Built-in switch)
Housing material ABS Resin
Color Black, Red, Green, Yellow, or White.
Weight 150g
Country of origin Japan

H series is thin multi-functional compact push-type switch can be operated 360 degrees by hands, elbows, knees, etc. as well as feet.


Seal structure built-in switch type (IP50)

Possible for installation to a wall, floor, etc., as the cord is pulled out from under.

Please choose the color from Black, Red, Green, Yellow, or White.

Medical equipment, Measuring equipment, Industrial electronic equipment, Sewing machinery, Sound device,
Educational equipment, communication device, Photo device, Public welfare device, each automation device, etc.

There are two mounting holes. (Back side hole diameter φ3.3 × 10 bags depth)
Please use M4 tapping screw B1 and tighten with a tightening torque of 88.2 N within 8 to 10 screw threads.

Circuit diagram

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