Action Momentary
Electrical Ratings 6A-250VAC
Built-in switch Micro switch type Z
Circuitry 1c
Supplied Cable VCTF1.25X3 X1M
Operating Force 27N
Degree of Protection IP30
Housing material Aluminum die cast
Color Green metallic
Weight 480g
Applicable protection cover OFL-CS
Country of origin Japan

OFL standard type is die cast aluminum made Foot switch, most generally used in a wide area.

Industrial equipment ( Metal forming machine etc.), Transportation vehicle (train, bus), Woodworking equipment, Sewing machine, Installation equipment, Medical equipment, Measuring equipment, Public welfare device, other general equipment, etc.

Circuit diagram
Other image 3


【Protection cover】

Protection cover for preventing malfunction by falling objects.

  • OFL-CS
  • Material:Stainless steel
  • Weight:1,310g

Applicable series

  • ・OFL
  • ・M4
  • ・S5
  • ・S6
  • ・M6
  • ・S7
  • ・H
  • ・P

Explanation of type

  • Add CS to end of type
  • ※When placing order, instruct the exact type of footswitch using at present due to mounting screw differs according to each type.

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