Good design Award

Action Momentary
Electrical Ratings 0.1A-30V DC
Built-in switch MICRO SW V Type (Seal structure)
Circuitry 1a
Supplied Cable VCTF0.75X2CX1M
Operating Force 12N
Degree of Protection Equivalent to IP28
Housing material PBT Resin
Color PANTONE Cool Gray
Weight 220g
Country of origin Japan

GS series is industry's first Good design Award Foot Switch.

With its newly developed joint parts allows producing plural-linear Foot Switch to match with various applications.

Simple-restrained design allows matching to various devices and surroundings.

Well-designed pedal shape for easy to use.

With circular protrusion for gripping the point of treading.

No height differences between single type and linear type.

Independent display + Separate name plate.

Equivalent to IP28 (IEC60529)
Conform to IEC 60601-1

Medical Equipment, Welfare Equipment, Industrial Equipment, Inspection Equipment, Amusement Equipment, etc.

Circuit diagram

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