Environmental Policy

Corporate Principles

Osaka Jido Denki Co., Ltd., acknowledges that the preservation of the global environment is one of the most important issues shared by all humankind and commits itself to the curtailment of loads on the environment through company-wide efforts.

Environmental Policy

With the aim of abating the effects on the environment of its foot switches, tape switches, and mat switches and of the activities relating to the manufacture/sale of products, Osaka Jido Denki Co., Ltd., promotes undertakings that relate to environmental management in line with the following guidelines to achieve a harmonious relationship with the ever important global environment:

We will maintain a keen awareness of the effects of our activities, products and services on the environment at all times and thus encourage efforts toward the prevention of environmental contamination and improve on our environmental management program at the same time.

We will remain in complete compliance with the environment-related laws and regulations as well as other relevant requirements associated with our activities, products, and services.

Of the effects on the environment associated with our activities, products, and services, we will address the following as the primary objectives of our environmental management programs:

  1. reduction in power consumption
  2. reduction of wastes and promotion of recycling
  3. reduction in office paper consumption
  4. promotion of green procurement
  5. contribution to society through participation and the like in local environmental programs and cleaning around the corporate site

So that each member may play an active role in activities aimed at the reduction of loads on the environment, we will ensure that the pledge given herein by way of an environmental declaration will be made thoroughly known to all our employees and announced to the general public.

We will take active part in activities aimed at the improvement of the local environment and formulated based on the partnership with the organizer of Kyoto Local Agenda 21 Forum.

In accomplishing the foregoing objectives, we will set forth specific goals and periodically review the progress, thereby further consolidating our environmental management system.